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Welcome. There's nothing interesting here. Unless you find me interesting.. there's still nothing interesting, I don't know what you came here for.

Well, anyways, a little bit about myself. My name is Lucius. I have about a million nicknames such as Luc, Luci, Lucifer (shocker), Lucio, etc. I'm 18 years old at the moment, Sagittarius c;, and I live in Canada. I'm caribbean aswell(pure cuban coffee bean). I'm normally alright, but I can get very very shy, which tends to clash with my general aura of angry and edgy goth teen. But please, I don't bite, I promise;;

I have a very fond interest in gothic things.. if not already obvious. I love all things Tim Burton and Horror-related as a result. Although, contrary to popular belief, I'm one of those odd-balls that has yet to see pretty much every horror movie there is. I never really got around to it.

I love all kinds of music ranging from BTS, Ariana, Posty, Maroon 5, Arizona Zervas and Dua Lipa (my wife), but I also really like things like Motionless In White, In This Moment, New Years Day, and such related.

I love Disney and Tim Burton movies, some of my favourites of each being Scissorhands, Princess and the Frog, the entire concept of Maleficent, The Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas, etc, and my all time favourite, Coraline. I've always loved Coraline as a child and still continue to do so. I also have a slight interest in anime, regardless of me not being the best at finishing shows. I really liked Deathnote, Black Butler, and whether or not this counts, I am obsessed with Voltron. of course I never finished any of them. but like, aside from Black Butler, I know basically everything about Deathnote and especially Voltron.

My taste in movies, anime, and cartoons tends to bleed into my art style. At the moment, I do not do any digital art, as I don't have a drawing tablet. :'(. But one day I will, and it's 110% going to be my display photo and I would willingly slaughter anybody who dares to steal >:II

I'm done rambling, you can click other things now. uwu.

Love is an interesting thing. Terrifying but intriguing and addicting. I'd say it's best to leave this unspoken of.

If I have stalked your page, I support you.... which applies to a lot of people. I have a bad habit of consistent stalking. my apologies.


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