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Sometimes a new idea changes everything ...

Derivable Meshes

A little bit of this, a little bit of that ...

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[LVS]CakeBossCake - A Lovely Wedding Cake


And a table to put it on:


A rotating picture cube that matches T3 Zen Sakura Club!


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Kisses to all my IMVU friends!

And YES,

I've made some changes!


Want a BIG Homepage too?

Many people have asked me how to get a WHOLE LOT of stickers on their homepage. Here is my secret!

Every panel on your home page has a Edit and Help button.

Click on the Edit, then select Edit custom HTML / CSS. This is where you can put in various HTML commands.

The command I use is < br > which stands for line break (don't put in the spaces - I had to do that to get the command into this panel). Every < br > will put in a blank line in the panel area.

Put in 100 < br >s and there will be 100 blank lines! Plenty of room for your stickers!

I use the wide panels because it also expands the area below the narrow panels by default.

A note: I almost forgot!!! Not all panels work! I think it was the music panel that I went around and around with. It just wouldn't expand. I know that the "About Me", "My Room" and "My Interests" work well.

Hope this helps!

tc always! Lvs

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