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Welcome To My Wonderland Of Nightmares! *Life SUCKS when UR T1D!
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Proud IMVU Mom of GirlThug, Norae94!!! =^.^= A note to all concerned... I've recently experienced an extremely serious health issue, 01-27-10 thru 02-02-10 If you'd like to know more, please read my blog at the bottom of my homepage! =^.^= Please know I treasure ALL my customers, as well as all my VERY cherished friends I've made here & will try & reply when I can to any messages I receive (although it may take me a bit to get back to you) if you're trying to contact me & I haven't replied, I apologize & most likely I'm not feeling well or I've missed your message! *Please also know... Any products you purchase from my catalog, &/or credits from 'Casseiopeian Credit Sales", not only are you getting a high quality "LizzieBorden' product, a great deal on credits, But you will ALSO help support me through this very difficult health crisis I'm now faced with! Thank You for taking the time to read this note! May you be blessed with love, health & happiness in your life! Lizzie <3 <3
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Just a note to say, my wishlist is not my attempt at begging, just my very own layaway plan, LOL! :o) May all your wishes come true!!!
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