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PM for Comissions!

Prices for Comissions:

• Simply Recolor: Cr 1.500

If you like something that is already in my shop, but you’d like to have it in another color, we can make it!

Notice it’ll be available for sale for the same 1500cr you paid me, so others can buy it too! If you want it to be on ‘Display Only’, then it’ll be an Exclusive.

It is not available for previous comissions and for some Lolita. PM me to know the product you want can be recolored!

• Semi-Exclusive: Cr 5.000

You’ll pay me directly a tax of 2k for me to start your request. This 2k won’t be returned if you give up the custom you wanted.

Then the product will be on sale for 5k on my shop, so others can buy it too for this price.

• Exclusive: Cr 10.000

This is the ONLY WAY you can have a ‘Display Only’ product. This one will be only yours.

You’ll send me 5k for me to begin, and these 5k won’t be returned if you give up. The other 5k will be paid in the end and then I’ll put your request on ‘Display Only’

• Avatars: No charge, unless you want it Semi Exclusive or Exclusive

Yeah, I don't charge avatars. I really enjoy making them, so they'll be avaliable on my shop at a regular price and you can just buy it, like any other avatar there. You'll need to send me propper references, though - I don't make avatars based only on descriptions.

NOTICE¹: You might be required to gift me the avatar scalers you use, if I don't have them already.

NOTICE²: If your scalers are incommon or very "styled", I might refuse doing the avatar on "free charge". I only won't charge it your avatar is SELLABLE - it means if other people might buy it as well. If your scalers are very specific I'll charge it as listed above (Exclusive or Semi)

• Picture Frames: 3.000cr/each

If you want a frame of yourself or you and your beloved one, just send me the image!

Notice I don't take the pictures and I don't edit the images!

You’ll always have pictures of your products before I publish them. You can ask me every change you need. It is VERY IMPORTANT for me you really like what we are creating together! :D

I already paid for a custom I didn’t like, and it was the worst thing I ever did. x.x

I really don’t want you to go through the same thing. ^-^

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