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Avatar since: 2005-02-23
Age: 30
United States - OH
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"Attaining the impossible, not just the possible."

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Big Sky (Agnelli & Nelson Remix) - John Ocallaghan
Philosophical Questions --
How Can you truly tell when you have actually fallen in love with someone? What emotions, actions do we take to show that the person we like has become someone we love? This is one of the hardest questions ever to answer. Hopefully an answer will come about so I can get it off my mind.

Update On my life --
So yeah I'm finally back on IMVU, after being away for so long I figured I might as well come back and have some fun chatting with people. Thankfully I've grown in mind as well as in spirit since last I have been here. No more childish games really, Though one can still have an inner child and have fun doing crazy things lol not ALL are bad :P. Anyway, if I'm not on and you leave a message don't worry about me not replying because I will.

We'll enough about me and my return to the net on my main alias. More about the character persona that is moi.

So why not come sit next to me and pour yourself some tea. We shall have lots to discuss, but being the gentleman I am. I shall not waste anyone's time with my past, thoughts on the future, or mopping. I will be an active listener if need be as well as offering support to those as I used to do in the past before my absence. Anyone who reads this message Take care yourself and hope life treats you well with Love and an abundance of happiness!

RP Profile --
I am a full blooded Dragon birthed from Chromatic Dragon parents. For those of you who do not know what Chromatic is, it is in a sense saying that they are evil dragons. The ones that will turn on you in the midst of war and slaughter you no matter what, even if they are you ally. I guess you can say in a way that I am just as well evil-aligned like my parents, yet I would have to stop you and tell you that you are wrong. Of course I have been evil like the red dragons I was born from, but I just....we'll I just can't take the act of being evil. Yet I cannot take the act of being overly good either. So I guess you could say that my personality lies somewhere between the two if you will. I have taken on a humanoid form just as well, primarily because of safety reasons. As anyone who sees a rather large dragon moving down the street will instantly try to kill me. Some may also think I am a half-dragon, ~Shrugging his shoulders lightly~ 'Tis possible, my father has bedded with many and I may be half-dragon. Though for the easy purpose; I shall just state that I am a Full-Blooded Red Chromatic Dragon who takes a different stand.

I am still fairly young, only just now reaching the age of 52. So do not except me to be a know it all of the lands. I have taken the vow of a warrior, to help out in the midst of wars whenever possible. So if your in the midst of help and would like help from a dragon. ( Trust me I never polymorph out of my humanoid form so it's quite unnecessary to ask. I rather let my blade sing than using my own abilities within my gut.) Just call and ask, for a price or to I would gladly help out those in needed. ~Smiles~

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Special Someone
All great love must start within ones own self. My love starts from within, soon to spread out to the one I hope to share in this life
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