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~ Hello and welcome to my homepage! ~

I get asked a lot if I take any requests.

For now I'm not taking any, and specially not clothing requests.

Once my website opens I will slowly start doing them.
~ click contact at the top ~

To ALL you special people that support me in one way or another:

Without you all my work would mean nothing!

I am filled with gratitude to each and every one!
Just ...
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it doesn't go unnoticed.

Message me any time you need to
I will reply, but I'm not the fastest birdie in the world these days!

~~ Just have a little patience ~~ ^^


~ Mind my English, I'm Dutch and Afrikaans speaking ~

I LOVE a lot of things!

My RL Kids, Family and Friends, and my amazing Friends I met through IMVU.
They mean more than anything to me and I'll do everything possible for them.

Creating, the stranger the better!
I hate making "normal" things and I really suck at it, but I do try sometimes.
My catalog is very random, and I am not fast when creating.

~ The most fulfilling in creating ~
To bring a story or a feeling to life.

Art, every kind there is.
I admire the creativity in people and I can dissapear into it.
~ it's a staring and drooling thing going on ~

I can loose myself in music, FULLY.
I love ~almost~ ALL genres of music.
BUT ... if you want to kill me slow and painfully, play some Jazz.

There's an endless list of other things I love ...
maybe one day I'll write them down.
As well as for the things I don't like at all.

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