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Avatar since: 2007-04-05
Age: 26
United States - CA
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"heavens not a place that you go when you die its that moment in life when you actually feel alive"

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Heyy :)) im a random chikk...dont like it..dont stay byetchh haah jk i say that alott so...SMURFS! i say that alot too :)) my name is sarah!! woot woot! haha i am very berry fun tu b wif and i do not hate on anyone :)) i am a cheerful happy kewlness person buttt if yew get easily annoyed then beat itt cuz MOST peeps find me entertaining but i wil randomly start singing songs or dancing or saying things like robot muffin in the middle of a chat xD...i am good cheering people up.. and well think of me as yer teddi bear...a very cute teddi bear ^_^ i love hugs...and kisses :)) i marjorly support world peace and i love chatting with people who are intersting and yess i like talkative people :)) so TALK!! ^__^ rainbows are purdy <3 well i guess thats bout itt *poke* ^^ i like poking peoplee *poke poke* :DD oh and one more thing *poke* :)))))) andd guess watt?? ....struthe idk wat it means O_o but its a fun wordd xD fanks fer reading :P
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship

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