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Shining bright into the darkness!
Looking For: Friendship
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I find you there, destoried and in pile of lifeless thoughts, You wondered why you had this done, you wonder why she did this horrible thing. an angel comes down to help you. You smile for a moment trying not to dwell, you go on for a bit longer, knowing this angel better, She is similar, She is fimilar, She is too hurt, You see a moment of hope. You think, You dream, Then you run. She doesnt understand all that has happened. She tries to heal your heart the only way she knows. She wish only your happiness. but yet you feel threated Sending her away. Sending her feelings Sending her love, Away so that it can't hurt you ever. So you can't feel So you won't love her. So you carrry on, You think nothing more of her, She is just words on a screen, Or her voice is like the wind failling to reach your ears. So you can surive again. Alone. Waiting Seeking, Hoping to find it. But yet fearing it. You will push it away. build those walls. Lose what humanity you have left.
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Angel's names of the past. ordainangel princessangel LadyAngeldeMalFet LadyAngeldeMarce
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