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soft blonde sadieYellow Flower Skirt/TopJeans RLSSara RLSȺ Viktoria V1
Ⱥ Arianna V2 BlondCHIC FIT BUNDLEDelicate Asian BGM! Zone Shorts .Long Brown Coat Layer
CARDIGAN AND JEANSGL-Lucia Tattoo FeetGL-Lucia Shorts RL 2GL-Lucia TopHT Floriday Heels
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My dreams have come true. I have been so truly blessed, I'm almost afraid I will wake up and it's all a dream ,,, that's how it feels to have married my love irl :) ,,, we have arrived at our own piece of heaven my angel, best friend, lover, playmate and soulmate. My heart is yours forever, my husband. <3
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