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"Been a minute.. getting my life together... miss all my fam on here"

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Looking For: Friendship
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Hi all, Im am new to all this developing stuff and just trying to get a hang of it. I will be trying to add more new stuff as I learn them. Feel free to ask me for something you would like to see and I will try to make it for you. If you want to show your support and would like the sticker for my Lady Mystic Designs. Let me know. Thanks for browsing my products. Lady Mystic
~LMD~ Platinum Aphra~LMD~ Black Aphra~LMD~ Brown Aphra~LMD~ HoneyBlonde Aphra~LMD~ Brown Maya~LMD~ Black Maya
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This is were I put things that I like that I might buy at a future time. In essence this is my shopping bag, and not my wish list. If you would like to purchase something off of it please feel free but you don't have to. Also check out my new products and tell me what u think.
[COB] STAFF PitBull Pet*SYN*Baily*DbrownCMC* Chocolate WedgeBoot[T]Platform~Pink~{Curvy}*KDD XL Summer (pumps)
Black & Hot pink DianeKAIYA BLACK & PINKPRIMA BLACK & PINKRelax Black BBW[RGB] Black/Pink Kim
BBW~True Style*pH* Pirotess Black!b Black Sharlan!b Black Constance() Aubrey BlackPink
Special Someone
LadyMysticMedina has no special someone.
I am 50% Angel and 50% Devil. Get on my bad side and I'll let the BITCH out.
My imvu sister. A really good friend who challenges me to go with my gut and stop trying to rationalize the feeling I get.
This Is My Close Friend. We Have Been There For Each Other When We Needed. I DO NOT CARE Who Has A Problem With Our Friendship. Stop Being A Jealous B*tch And Get Over Yourself.
What can I say about Wolfie. He is an awesome person to hang with. Just look out ladies cause when the wolf is out, lol, He is on the hunt. :P
My Girl, she a trip and when we get together, we have a good ass time
My girl, and as she puts it..... "Beauty comes in many sizes" and I have to agree. I am glad to have her as a friend.
A really good friend, who I have come to hold dear. He is such a sweet person and a pleasure to spend time with.
A really good friend. He keeps me smiling and laughing all the time. I am lucky to have met him.
My girl, She is cool as hell and throws come killer parties.
A really good friend who has opened my mind to a new awareness of myself.

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