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Pale white glow with a somber expression on thy face and words that agree with those who ridicule me and pity those who weigh heavily upon the kindness of your heart, woe and worries that are foreign to your own, cry in frustration when not kept up-to-date and produces a transitioning mass amount of love although, not very much for the outsider who refuses to be with the class undeserving of the worthy title of “senior”. If I could whisk you away from this world of tragic affairs and dramatic strife, I would in the blink of an eye, To a world where peace dominates every aspect of our lives and pure bliss flows through me to you in every excited breath we share together among flowers of delight and paradise. But alas, The world you grasp will never consent to such happiness they themselves couldn’t indulge in and therefore hold you prisoner as your individuality blends with their own. If I cannot save you from the pain self inflicted day in and day out as your burden their careless troubles and cry hidden tears to a bright worded screen then, I will take you by force And open the windows to your soul that society thrives to forcibly keep nailed shut with negativity. However, In my vain attempts to save a parched soul of truth I have been defeated by the presence of the ultimate defense And it has drained me to a powerless onlooker. I hastily retreated into the familiar secluded darkness accompanied only by ordained music and steel pipe shadows. And now as I idly sit here, eagerly awaiting for you to discover where my true identity hides and how you will engage me in our next intimate encounter, I smile behind a glass wall I have created between me and a conceited society and tip my hat to you, my lustful beauty who melted my icy heart. To the future I bid adieu.

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