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Hello, All. My name is Jessi.
I have been on IMVU since 2005 and creating since 2009. Modeling since late 2013 for friends and other creators.

I am also the Owner of What's Ur Fantasy? Magazine & Event Groups. A Free magazine to show off your role play and IMVU activities.

I mostly use IMVU to be with friends I have made over time, creating IMVU products, modeling, doing what I can for the supporting groups & writing stories.

Hired by Enchanted Enterprise Modeling Agency as a staff member title: Head Editor and Model.
In rest of IMVU, I am myself as I am in Real Life.

I am a multi-roleplayer. In my main and first longest role play, Gor, I am Free woman. Administrator of the Fairs of Counter-Earth and Town: Se Aulus. Caste: Scribe.

In my second longest role play, playing as a Vampire Princess, several hundreds years old my name is Philippine. Pure born vampire, sensual and alluring. However, due to the changes in IMVU the role play has been at a halt so now Philippine sleeps along her mother and father in the cave on a Island. In this role play, I am a Domme, owner of Arella.

My husband is 1LordJay1, His RL name is Jay which he uses for the Deathmist Family role play but Gor role play character name. his name is Edouard, Caste: Warrior. First sword of Se Aulus. In Real Life, we was married on July 2nd 2016.

As another role play that is a apart from all of these, sub to Samaddream (6/13/15). His Candy girl.
IMVU Family: My daughter, Jenna. My Son, Zechariah. My mother & father, Akasha & Enkil Deathmist. My beloved brother, R.I.P. DavidDreamWolf. My sisters: IvoryJadestone, QnStaciDarkenDesires, Nisaa and Firiah.

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