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Support the LSoH - many of us sell our credits to DeveloperCredits and you can buy the goriest credits from outer space and save tons!


Welcome to the Little Shop of Horrors!

This is the page of a developer community, so you will never see this "user" online. We use this page and account as a directory from where you can find the finest in horror, scifi and cosplay.
We decided to work together to offer our customers the best possible service and selection of products beyond "sexy bikini v 2695". The Little Shop of Horrors is a group of developers specialized in horror, science fiction, cyberpunk, cybergoth, video gaming, comics and other oddities and rarities.


Q: Can I be your model?
A: No. First of all, we usually don't use models to take catalog pictures. Our HorrorShop Girls represent us in contests, DOC, chats, forums and groups. There is a contest every January when we are hiring new HorrorShop Girls & Boys, other than that, please do not send us messages if you can be our model.

Q: Can I have your bling?
A: If you can use a auto-granter, yes.

Q: Can we chat?
A: No. As said above, this is no active account. Hell, we don't even know how the avi looks! If you want to chat with someone listed in the dev directory, you should contact the person instead of this account.

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