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You may call me:


but you'll hear me referred to as Keke as well.

I am a freelance model, freelance editor, and pro-creator.

You may see me online, but I'm not often available.

So, please don't take it personally if I do not answer straight away.

Special Notification:

If you have any special requests or you'd like to see in my shop,

please message me via Instagram

since my inbox on IMVU will more than likely stay closed.

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We've been friends for a couple of years now. She always has my back, and I always have hers. You give me straight forward feedback. Nothing sugar-coated and help me with more than you know. Random thoughts hit us at any time and we can message. We come as a pair so be used to seeing us together often. 😜

A friendship that expanded for now a decade. Our friendship grew outside of IMVU, and we make sure we are always there for each other. You are my voice of reason helping me with various perspectives, and you bounce ideas off of me. I couldn't have found a better ace than him. My forever friend and eternally thankful.

Sissy and I go way back to 09 when we first started off as twins. lol On and off IMVU we've talked. Talk about a loyal friend! We don't have to talk daily to know we'll always be friends.

If there isn't someone in my corner, there is you. I jokingly call you my diary because you've always been the support I needed. Whenever I needed a shoulder, you go out of you way to give me that shoulder. I appreciate that very much.
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