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I am Lord Dracus Knight,I have been called by many names Cursed Fallen,First Blood,and True Blood.I am Vampyric.I was here when Human kind was little more then Cave dwellers,when Dragons filled the sky,when Elves and Dwarves and all other races where no more then small tribes.I have walked along side each in the day light,I have watch each grow and become strong as my kind have became little more then creatures of the night to be feared,some no better then the humans they feed upon,taking humans and other races as slaves,trying to live like kings in a world that no longer see us as we were.Our great halls have all fallen to ruins,our lands taking by those same humans who we would pretend to rule over... I am Lord Knight.. who would see my kind once again walk in the warmth of the sun......... photo knightthronea1a.jpg.

 photo Into the night.jpg.. photo knightchurcha.jpg... photo knightaa.jpg... photo Snap_8B2mlFja8n669825647.jpg
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Come walk in the Shadows with me.live in its embrace
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Come you have nothing to fear.. Embrace the night with me..
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+AG+ Vamp Romance Bench+AG+ Vampire Chaise Sofajean muscle chapsMuscled black wornspacer
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