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˚*✰an artist and poet in nature and soul... chaotically calm but never in control... i was woven with yoyo strings...on highs i soar on broken wings...the lows are something i can't define...but here surely still i climb✰*˚
˚*✰Welcome to my Madness...✰*˚

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i can't think of any lols

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Hola!! You made it this far... that is awesome!! Most just take the auto grants and run heheh...
My name is lili...
i am a submissive babygirl on and offline and i am shy but loyal... and if you under estimate me because of my chosen lifestyle then you are a little foolish... those that i love and respect... i love and adore fiercely and with all that i am...

my King... my Demon... my Protector... my Poison... my Everything... my Love... my Life... ♥ No body will ever understand the depths of my love for this Man... i adore Him with ever fibre of my being and my heart beats to please Him
i have been lied to and hurt in this place by people i had cherished and idolised... i will never open my heart that way again. These ladies though have been the reason i haven't given up completey and helped me remember there is still good people in this world...

♥ Esaunas my Mama... you know me so well and understand the mess inside my head better than i do. Your love and support has spurred me on and kept me going when i thought i was going to crumble and break forever. You are so very loved, treasured and cherished and i adore you forever... loconut style!!! ♥
♥ Besh0s my Kitten inCrime ~KNC~ i love you and your big beautiful heart and kind loving soul... i will forever throw pies at the douches for you ♥
♥ Noxi the most cutest kitten ever... i luvvers chu! ♥

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