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Avatar since: 2007-07-15
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United States - MA
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"Be Yourself. Unapologetically."

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Chrissy || Twenty-Something || Eternal 90s Kid || Aspie || Masshole || Feminist || Pluviophile || Anime Fan || Sarcastic || Gryffindor || Foul Mouth || Pro-Marriage Equality || LBGTQ Ally || Trans Ally || Weirdo

I'm pretty much a It's Happy Bunny sticker. Cute but psycho, things even out. I'm brave and just, with an evil sense of humor. I hate misogynists, liars, "homophobes", and "transphobes". (You're not really afraid of them, you just suck.) I laugh at things that shouldn't be funny. I cuss and still kiss my mum with this mouth. I'm unapologetically geeky and awkward. My voice is loud, and I stick firmly to my beliefs. I'm stubborn and hot-headed. And I'm not changing for anybody. Accept me for who I am, and I'll do the same for you.

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KissyRee has no special someone.

The world's coolest SailorMoon fan, and you so know I'm right, too.

I know, sounds really self-centered. But I'm focused on being happy and healthy, which means I have to take care of ME. Therefore, I should be my own Special Someone...
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And while you're at it, you may as well check out my skills as a virtual stylist.

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