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Avatar since: 2007-05-05
Age: 26
United States - NC
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"If you dont like my music then just turn it off!"

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KikohHoney<center><p style=

Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Chatting
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I'm tryin to think of somethin to say about her and all i can think of is "out there". lol. this girl is quiet on imvu but really loud once she warm up. She is my girl in the real world and i dont know what i would do without her. Sure we have disagreements sometimes but all really good friends do. much love girly. ^_^
Wow. Thats what u say when u meet Sarah. She is, like most of my friends, crazy. She is kinda loud sometimes but she can liven up any room and have those silent ppl talkin they a$$ off. Much love to ya re re #2!! O(^_^ )O
My Interests
Here is a little something about me. I am kinda lazy and I get on IMVU almost every day but that doesnt mean I am always chatting. Hmm....My friends say that i am CRAZY and I 100% AGREE. But on the other hand they also say that i am mean. THAT IS NOT TRUE!! I JUST SAY THING THAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE THINKING BUT ARE TO AFRAID TO SAY. I admit that it can be RUDE sometimes. But that doesnt make me mean......right?! Anywayz, I love talking, eating (omg food!!!), reading and sketching. I have one cat and one dog. They fight sometimes but all best friends do. ^_^. I am single but am NOT LOOKIN FOR NO ONE. Most days seem boring to me but at the same time little things can excite me. I am RANDOM and WEIRD but I got much love for everyone.
fun, IMVU, music, Talking, Aquarius, sketching, shoppin, UnitedStates, Tokidoki
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