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Avatar since: 2006-06-27
Age: 28
United States
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"You're beautiful ;)"

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Ich bin wirklich in der Liebe mit einer speziellen Jungen.

Yarr Boii. I'm Kayy (:
Otay; let's make this easy
1: I'm 5'1" but can jump higher than people who are 5'7". 2: I could fricken liiveee off of peanutbutter and bananas. 3: I absoolutelllyy HATE boring people. Srsly get a personality. 4: I have 4 jobs: HotTopic; Piercer@Raiden Tattoo; Waitress@Fridays; and Model (: 5: I'm a total fricken hypocrit; but I don't mean to be. 6: I get mad, hurt and upset really really easily. 7: I tend to change my page wayy too much. 8: I eat like a pigeon; but eat junk food like a fricken monster 9: If I could be anyone in the world I would be a guy; just to figure out why they cheat and hurt girls so much. 10: I've gone through about 20 phones in the past year. 11: I hate cheese; but I love cheesecake; cheetos; pizza; and cheez-its (: 12: I am bisexual; and I could careless if you hate me for it or not. 13: I believe people should be able to marry; dispite sexual orriantation. Love IS Love. 14: I have more guy friends than girl friends; Girl just cause to much drama. 15: I'm pretty sure I will never grow up; I still have hello kitty stuff all over my room (: 16: I absolutely hate odd numbers x_x They are just ridiculous. 17: Every night and day I make a wish at 11:11 to be with the guy who really loves me. 18: I still watch cartoons (: Spongebob makes me laugh. 19: I absolutely love adventure and thrill; Show me someting new? 20: I wish I was back in Germany<3 Take me home?

I have no faith in human perfectability.
I think that human exertion will have no appreciable effect upon humanity.
Man is now only more active - not more happy - nor more wise,
than he was 6000 years ago.
-Edgar Allan Poe

I'm not one to hold grudges against people unless they really hurt me. Yes, I am a bitch; and I won't say that I'm not. I get moody and emotional very easily. When people say things; it can really get to me. Even though most of the things might be stupid and shouldn't get to me. I absolutely can't hide my feelings. It's naturally impossible for me to do. I've become a very independent and quiet person over the years. It's not because I'm trying to hide things from anyone, It's because I've lost trust for so many people out there. Very few people know every little detail about me. Don't get mad if I don't tell you things.

If I told you to run away; Would you go or would you stay?
A lot of the time; I'm clueless. I never know what is going to be the right choice. I can never turn away someone who needs help. I've been in that situation myself; everyone needs someone to care for them.
Ben Green: He is the one who was sent to me by God. Out of no where he just shows up; and cares for me. He makes me laugh; smile; continuously yawn like "Bambi" as he says. I may not have known him for that long; but when I talk to him I feel like I've known him for my whole life. He is the cherry to my sundae; The tops. (: I honestly think I am going to know him forever; just because of the way we click together. I don't know what I'd do without him in my life. He keeps me going; and gives me hope to believe that there IS something good in me. He says I intrest him..because I am a mystery. That there is always something more to me; that he just can't figure out; and that I'm a deep, complex person. As I've told him though; He will never figure me out until he meets me in person. Ben is one of those guys you will never find again. He is aboslutely amazing to me.. the way he does things; the way he is saving himself..everything about himself for someone. It's aboslutely mind blowing how he is. He is basically my best friend; I feel so comfortable talking to him and letting him know everything. I usually keep everything to myself; but I just have to spill it all to him. I wish I knew why. Ben; You are my Hero (:

I don't want to here your mindless gibberish. You're words of hate mean nothing to me.

Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship
Special Someone
We have been through so much;
and i love you to death<3 always.
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June 17th, 2011
Damn; haven't updated this in ages. :)
July 6th, 2010
I really want a IMVU Sugar Daddy :)
March 31st, 2010
Leaving for New Orleans at 2am. Gone til April 5th. Miss you all < 3
March 27th, 2010
DAMNN its been a while : )
November 5th, 4:42P.M.
I'm freezing my ass off wishing I could be with my baby Cole ):
October 4th, 8:36A.M.
Happy Homecomming OEHS <3 Tonight will be one amazing night :D<333333
September 28th, 9:25A.M.
Probally going to Shawns house today :D
September 27th, Too Busy
Shawn came over today....It was soo amazingly crazy..Turns out it's a very small world.
September 26th, 10:32P.M.
I'm excited to see Shawn tomorrow. (: We are watching horror movies from 1-9P.M. It'll be crazy :D<3
September 22nd, 8:02P.M.
We kicked ass at our volleyball game today (: Shawn came and watched :D He is my homecomming date :D It's going to be Greeeattt!
September 21st, 3:32P.M.
Too lazy to write :D hahahhaha.<3
September 20th, 8:20P.M.
We won our volleyball tournement today (: It was pretttyy ahhmazing :D.
September 19th, 8:31P.M.
Back in the USA. I came back a little earlier than I wanted..but I was deffinitly a blast..<3
September 18th, 10:12P.M USATIME
My concert was absolutely fabulous. I met the greatest people ever and laughed my fucking ass off soo hard. More than I ever have in my whole life. ILYKYRA<3
September 17th, 8:15P.M. USATIME
I can't wait for homecomming to come around (: I'm doing a concert in Berlin, Germany tomorrow::SOLD OUT. xox<3
September 16th, PC BROKE
Yeah..I couldn't get on..cuz mah pc was being a dbagg <3
September 15th, 9:55P.M. USATIME
Kayy is in GERMANY<3 So it's really 4A.M. here haha. (: This is amazing.<33
September 14th, 1:00P.M.
I'm going dress shopping for homecomming today (: and getting mah hair cut cuz im tooh lazy to do it mahself.
September 13th, 11:26A.M.
I'm really pissed at my mom because she wont let me go to homecomming :
September 12th, 6:00P.M.
Dying my hair again soon ? (: It should be fun! And cutting it :D
September 11th, 8:56P.M.
Lmfao I'm dumb..I've been putting August on my confessions for the past 11 days. 9/11 : I'll miss you.<3
September 9th, 9:00P.M.
My computer is broken because some idiot repair guy replaced the motherboard wrong {please shoot me} ill try to be on as soon as i can. Love you guys.<3
September8th, 6:30A.M.
Ehhh...Volleyball game tomorrow. x_x
September 7th, 6:54P.M.
Lawls. I luhh meeting new people (: Plz have a personality :D
September 6th, 4:50P.M.
I need to dye my hair again. Lmfao. I don't like it just full black x_X
September 5th, 5:38P.M.
My nickname is SPICEY!! Good luck Varsity Football (: Kick Naperville North's Ass!
September 4th, had to get off
I need help creating products. Please help!
September 3rd, 10:25P.M.
Ben Green is mah best frenn<33 xox
September 2nd, 8:52P.M.
I'm really fucking pissed off because I was suspended from our first volleyball game because I missed one practice. I basically cried the whole game. It was bullshit.
September 1st, 11:32P.M.
I am so so sore XD and I am a creator :P wooot.
August 31st. 6:50A.M.
Leaving for 6flags (: I'm going to scream my panties off on the Raging bull <3 I wish you were here with me (:
August 30th, 9:47A.M.
I get to go to 6Flags Great America tomorrow (: It's going to be shweeet. Raging Bull FTW! :D


August 27th, 7:04P.M.
IMPORTANT:: School has started again so I probally won't be on too much since I am limited to about an hour a day with my sports going on and work. So I'm sorry all those people I talk to daily. Don't forget about me (:
August 26, Couldn't get on
School starts tomorrow. Ewwiess.
August 25th, 11:18A.M.
I have to go for my school picture and ID today. wooo x_X
August 24th, Forgot
I passed out too early to write one.
August 23rd, 4:58P.M.
I have the flu x_x
August 22nd, 7:34P.M.
I basically sat on my ass all day. Lol. I need to move out x_x
August 21st, 5:04P.M.
Ashley sniffed someones ass today xD Kyra and I paid her 4$. We are making Ashley shorts for her b-day that say "Sniff Me" on the butt (:
August 20th, 7:41P.M.
I ripped open 2 of my toesies at volleyball ): & Kyra and I were talking about people sniffing other peoples asses at vball for like a halfhour xD
August 19th, 9:40P.M.
School starts in 7 days starting tomorrow x_x
August 18th, 9:00P.M.
I got all my new volleyball stuff today :D
August 17th, 11:58P.M.
Ehhh Today was probally one of the worst days of my life. I don't like watching my brother cry or get hurt.
August 16th, 11:44P.M.
Mmm Sex :P hahaha. Spit or Swallow? XD
August 15th, 6:55A.M.
I made varsity volleyball (: I have to go to practice in about 20 mins.
August 14th, 5:32A.M.
Volleyball Tryouts/Cuts Today. I hope I make it.
August 13th, 10:52P.M.
I wish my Avi name was bought so I could be a creator.
August 12th, 2:30A.M.
I want to be a mommy (:
August 11th, 6:18A.M.
There's offically only ONE cute guy at my gym :o
August 10th, 12:42P.M.
I'm sore as hell from sliding down waterfalls yesterday (: I climbed the highest and slid down.
August 9th, 5:40A.M.
Leaving to go to Starve Rock in about 10 mins (:
August 8th, 8:34P.M.
I was at a petstore today playing with a kitten; and I cried when I left because I couldnt get it. ):
August 7th, 10:06P.M.
The song Your Guardian Angel makes me cry.
August 6th, 5:10A.M.
Tay,Chris & I have been taking pictures for like the past hour or so; Tay is making them into stickers :P
August 5th, 4:20A.M.
Happy Birthday Snugglebutt :D. Ily.<3
August 4th, 1:28P.M.
I was too good for him anyways. Thanks for breaking my heart. (:
August 3rd, 1:54A.M.
I'm tired of fighting with you. I want things to go back to the way they use to be..Why can't it just happen easily though? )":
August 2nd, 3:31P.M.
I burned my Ramen Noodles again ):
August 1st, 7:06A.M.
I want to be able to fall asleep in someones arms everynight.
July 31st, 5:33A.M.
I've been shaking because I haven't slept; and I drank a Venom energy drink xD
July 30th, 8:50A.M.
I have a horrible tummyache. ):
Hacked by Connor :]
Katelyn and I are going to get married one day ^^ <3 Love you babe. :]
July 29th, 4:48A.M.
Kasandra and I talked about ToyStory 2 for about 40 mins :P. We've decided Jessie is a fucking bitch. <3
July 28th, 4:38A.M.
Ich bin hungrig. ):
July 27th, 8:40A.M.
Going swimming with Jussibear today :)-didn't happen. & I'm sad that my WoW server is down for the day ):
July 26th, 10:05P.M.
I've been sitting here thinking..about how I have the most amazing guy in the world all to myself :]<3
July 25th, 3:51A.M.
Matthew just called me...fucking tard.
July 24th, 8:55A.M.
I haven't slept and have been watching movies and playing WoW all night :D
July 23rd, 6:34A.M.
I'm going to bake a cake tonight for my mom's b-day tomorrow. But I have to make sure she doesn't find out. :]
July 22nd, 3:02A.M.
I haven't been able to sleep for the past 3 days ):
July 21st, 11:49P.M.
I can't reach over my television ):
July 20th, 1:28P.M.
I'm going over to my gramsies to paint her basement.
July 19th, 10:37P.M.
Today sucked.
July 18th, 3:26A.M.
I love the show Family Matters. <3
July 17th, 1:45A.M.
I'm essicted to see someone today :]
July, 16th, 11:36P.M.
I've been sick all day; I absolutely hate it.
July 15th, 1:37A.M.
Whipped Creame fricken essites me :]
July 14th, 1:26P.M.
I met the 2 coolest guys ever last night :] Justin Gebner && John.


July 11th, 1:50P.M.
Every morning and every night I go on webcam with Connor; even if I look like shit.
July 10th, 2:15A.M.
I ended up sneaking into my house about 15 minutes ago because SOMEONE wouldn't drive me home :P
July 9th, 1:45P.M
I wake up; text someone; and fall back asleep about 100 times before I actually get up.
July 8th, 7:47P.M.
I have horrible balance and can't walk up and down stairs without falling.
July 8th, 1:29A.M.
hi :) I just re-did kayy's myspace and this is kasandra, and I hope people like it? especially kayy because I love herr <3 ahahah.
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