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yan | chinese | uk

i like all the asian things and jeon jungkook.

i try to find badges for the things i like, so you can easily see some of my interests through my badges.

i have tumblr and twitter, so feel free to ask for those if you want.
msp is dead but i have an account there too.

feel free to drop me a message.
thanks for stopping by and reading this (if you did).

i have nothing interesting to put here, so here are my otome babes:
mm: choi twins
dtl: okita + okubo
midcin: rayvis + louis
slbp: hotaru + masa
ikesen: masa + ieyasu

more babes:
jeon jungkook (#1 bb bun boy)
wong yukhei (first of all, how dare he-)
mark lee
park woojin
park jihoon

Track list:
1. 그때 헤어지면 돼 - Jungkook
2. Goodbye - Pharmacy (파마씨)
3. Leavin' Tomorrow - 굿나잇스탠드
4. 없던 일처럼 - Younha
5. Hello Hello - Images (이미지스)
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