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TV is Mother, TV is Father.
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Kein Weg zu weit, zu Weit mit Dir,
Kein Meer zu kalt, gemeinsam segeln wir,
Kein Stern zu hoch, ich flieg mit Dir,
der Himmel untergeht.
Kein Plan zu kόhn, kein Ziel verbaut,
Kein Eis zu hart, die Wellen brechen laut,
Kein Stern zu hoch, ich flieg mit Dir,
Bis der Himmel untergeht.

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Seriously, I won't. I add people I chat with, people I work with, people I both chat and work with - you see a theme: I add people I communicate with in some way.
I do not add customers or "fans" because I'm not a company or celebrity, just a random guy making pixel items. Just like people buying my stuff. Either we get along or we don't. I don't befriend the local gas station just because I buy cigarettes there either.

CHILDREN will not recieve replies to messages, invites, friend requests and so on. If you are a minor, don't bother contacting me.

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♠ Tiny Deco Vases♠ Tiny Glass♠ Tiny Wine Bottle♠ Tiny Whiskey Bottle♠ Tiny Floor Vase♠ Dollhouse Door
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Bling yourself and get over it, but stop spamming me with "thank u 4 da badge"! I DID NOT DO A THING, YOU GRANTED IT TO YOURSELF!!!

I also did NOT put the dead canary in my mouth.

Horrorwood B-Movie Maniac Badge - By request only. No trades, no sales. To avoid misunderstandings - "request" means you ask for it. It does not mean I automatically say "yes" and cheer for you. Tell me your favourite b-movie and why you like it if you request this badge.

My other badges are no longer available because badge beggars are f'n rude.


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† Babylon 5 † Star Trek (Die Hard Niner) † Game of Thrones (Team Sansa) † Falling Skies (Hate Watching) † Oz † The Wire † The 4400 † Heroes † American Horror Story (Murder House, Asylum, Freakshow) † Spartacus † Criminal Minds (Hate Watching Code Red & Beyond Borders) † Rome † Stargate (Atlantis yay, SG1 meh, Universe nay) † Boardwalk Empire † Masters of Sex † Andromeda † Lost †

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† Across the Border † Army of Lovers † Atrocity † Backyard Babies † Balzac † Calabrese † Catastrophe Ballet † Chaos Z † Children of Bodom † Cock Sparrer † Combichrist † Crematory † Crimson Ghosts † Danzig † Das Ich † Death in June † Dropkick Murphys † Edguy † Eisregen † Fiddler's Green † Fliehende StΓΌrme † Flogging Molly † Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 † Green Day † Impaled Nazarene † Inchtabokatables † In My Rosary † Janus † Killing Miranda † Krypteria † Lordi † Mad Sin † Michale Graves † Misfits † Mono Inc. † Murderdolls † Nine Inch Nails † Ninja Magic † Nirvana † Offspring † Oomph † Pro-Pain † Ramones † Razzia † Real McKenzies † Rob Zombie † Sentenced † Sisters of Mercy † Tankwart † The 69 Eyes † The Bates † Tori Amos † Totenmond † Ultima Thule † VNV Nation † Welle: Erdball † :wumpscut: † Zombie Ghost Train †


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