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I'm really not conceited but I do love myself and it has taken a long time to learn to love myself. I might as well write a little bit about myself even if most of you don't plan on reading this someone will so here it goes. I'm an ARTIST, I spend most of my free time painting and drawing I have a luv for doing pixel art for badges and I like editing and making my own dps as well as developing on IMVU. All my badges I own are my art and I've done customs and pre-mades for others. Old name use to be Spicyhottashia for those who didn't know I changed it. I also enjoy Role-playing check out our Kingdom Corrupted Nightfall if you want to join in on the fun. I love to shop and love photography, hippos are adorable, love all kinds of music and love to find new stuff to listen too :) soo shoot me a message with anything you recommend. #MyRealLifeBf I Love Joker with all my heart and no one can change that so don't try or I will cut you jk :) but no really I'll go Deadpool on your ass. Pierce the Viel is my fave Band as well as Skillet and many others including Sleeping with Sirens, Black Veil Brides, Ice Nine Kills, Asking Alexandria, Evanescence, Bullet For My Valentine, and Three days Grace. I love making new friends and having random chats hehe soo MESSAGE ME..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to giggle and be weird. Raving is amazing as well as Dancing. Check out my two clubs Pandemonium Nightclub and Toxic Storm Djing is welcome. ;) ps ur adorable .... and u know it!!!

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I Love my rp friends and family and a few have become true freinds in real and I will always keep them close to my heart<3 Vera my love i wouldn't know what I'd do without you. Chi my bestie lets be creative #feelslikefamily. Ace my partner in crime shhh no spilling our secrets want a lollipop. Nero my hero and the most blunt friend I have.

Contact me if you like :P
Ello welcome Stay long or don't :3

Soon will start making pre-made badges again for sale !!! :3
Special Someone
I love this guy more then anything in the world and nothing will change that. He excepts me for me, as I do for him. I can't wait to spend the rest of my days getting to know each other better.
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hey there welcome to my home page tehe feel free to leave me a gift off my wish list i love getting presents it always makes my day better !!!!!!!!!!!! kisses muahhhhh
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