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Welcome to my homepage. I am an 8yr veteran of IMVU. I've had at least one other account under the name of OakStar89 prior to disabling it and coming to this one under LunaDeLuca.

I do not tolerate drama or bullshit. If you are willing to bring that to my page, then you will find yourself blocked from any further contact.

We're all adults here. Let's act it shall we?

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"I will do what Queens do; I will Rule."

Kiyiya became Khaleesi after her mother's eventual death. Like her mother, she inherited her beauty, her wit, her iron will, and her ability to not only walk through fire, but to command it and the beasts who ruled it.

She became a hero for not only her people, but for those who needed her most. She has had to become jury, judge and at the worst of times, played the role of whom ended another's life. But throughout all this, she remained gentle, loving, and kind hearted, even when she was forced to end another's life.

"I will take what is mine with fire and blood."

During her kingdom's early days, war was the most feared thing to speak about for it weighed heavily on everyone's minds. With her mother's death, everyone felt certain, that the newly but far too young, Khaleesi, would eventually break and thus all would be lost.

It came as a great surprise when one after the other, her enemies began to fall. Some, after realizing just how *good* a ruler she was, gave up peacefully, others, had their lives removed from them with the very fires, they sought to wrongfully tame.

"I will answer injustice with justice."

The greatest injustice the Kingdom of Narvoria suffered was the finding that their former Queen, had been murdered. With the news, war became a harsh reality and with war, came the iron will, those who had come to love Kiyiya for, shone through.

She fought alongside her soldiers, not allowing them to take the full weight of fighting on, by themselves. For them, it gave them more incentive to fight for their Queen, who so valiantly fought with them, not as a Queen, not as a woman either, but as a fellow soldier in arms.

"It seems to me that a Queen who trusts no one is as foolish as a Queen who trusts everyone."

Shortly after the wars ended, the Khaleesi began looking for her King and when she *thought* she had found him, soon realized just how unworthy of her affections, Creed was.

Just as quickly as he had replaced her in his beds, so too, did she replace him. But not with a man. No. She replaced him by throwing herself head on, into ruling her kingdom.

For the Khaleesi, there was no greater joy, no greater pleasure, than seeing her people, her very kingdom, thriving and happy.

"I am no ordinary woman. My dreams come true."

Whenever Kiyiya had a goal in mind, she is well known for going after that goal. If she has a dream, that is deemed too big to accomplish by others, she will fight to accomplish it. She has faith where others do not. And more than anything, she trusts in her own faith to help guide her.

"For I was borne of fire and blood and so shall I rule.

May our Khaleesi live long, may she rule with the gentle spirit her mother ruled with but show the anger of the Dragons that follow her and the fierce vengeance of the Wolves, when her temper is tested.

☾☆☽ - ☾✵☽ The Khaleesi's Love ☾✴☽ - ☾❂☽

From out of the ashes of her broken heart, came a person the Khaleesi never thought would be able to piece her heart back together again. But somehow, someway, Ashe has done just that.

He sees past the pain that she has been through. Sees past the guarded and haunted looks often thrown his way, and shows his Queen the love she has fought so long for.

He is her King. Her Khal. To harm him would be unwise, for her claws are as sharp and as deadly as her jaws.

☾☆☽ - ☾✵☽ The Khaleesi's Friends ☾✴☽ - ☾❂☽

My friends are many but my circle is kept small. If you are welcomed into said circle, it means I have the utmost trust that you will not betray the trust given to you.

Respect is a quick way to becoming my friend. Disrespect and dishonesty, is the quickest way to be removed permanently and I hold no grudges over doing so.

My most important friend in my life is LordRobin. He can be a pain in the ass at times but never has he failed in being there when the time arose. Through the web of lies woven around him, I have discovered a man worthy of being welcomed into this wolf's very selective pack. Hurt him and you best hope his friends find you before I do.

First and foremost in my life, is my daughter. Harm her and the police will be your blessing.

Next is my beloved Mate. Harm him? Hahaha bitch you best be fucking running because I'll be coming for blood.

My family is next most important to me. Harm them, and they won't need the cops.

Actually, let's be blunt. Harm ANYONE listed above, and they won't need a fucking body bag as there won't be a body to put into the bag.
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