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The strength of a Vampire is that people do not believes in Them"
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Special Someone
see thee better -- in the Dark --
I do not need a Light --
The Love of Thee -- a Prism be --
Excelling Violet
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Blender Creators

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Puma's Developers Club

21666 posts from 17884 members
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ICO - 20th Century LOL

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Marvel Heroes

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ICO - Textures Domain

2935 posts from 11862 members
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ICO: IMVU Cultivation Organisation

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MV Mesh Requests

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ICO: AP Group

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My Texture Bank

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Derivables By Moggielicious

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Tremere Chantry

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Gem's Showcase

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Epic VtM Seattle by Night

18 posts from 5 members
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Daughters of Darkness ( VtM )

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FREE Badges of 2018

3786 posts from 22208 members
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Washington,D.C. By Night (WOD) VtM

23 posts from 9 members
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Kingdom of Enoch Role Play Game

1 post from 7 members
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The Return of VtM Role-play

1 post from 3 members

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