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howdy yall
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Chatting
Just to let y'all know...I don't add
"buddies" that don't leave messages,
introduce themselves, or just hit me with an
"Add me"...so please don't waste your or
my time doing that...It's nothing "personal",
I just get too many "buddy
requests" to "add" everyone...

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Like a lot of people on IMVU...I have this "Wish List"..This is in NO WAY my way or dropping a hint...and I'm not asking to be "gifted" anything...I just use this to help me keep track of things I like and hope to someday have...If anyone out there decides to "gift" me off this wish list...I will deeply appreciate them doing so...but it's NOT a requirement of being a friend of mine or chatting with me...so please don't feel obligated in picking something out of here for me..Thank you
❥ White Cutt Crop.Nicki glasses! Adele blackS/Stress*White Sexy Top*Divine EyeLashes
Sue | Nutmeg.. Beauty. PumpsSexy nikka black dress💀 ~ Alicta CrimsonAlicta Black
-J- Nikka black pearlDenimS~Liiry~Mode Sexy Top~-J- Julianne black pearlOwl Shirt Boyfriend's
[Anry] Nemelie Slim!~Coast Jeans |2| RegLacery Dressspacerspacer
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Hi again...As anyone of the people who know me on IMVU know...I LOVE gowns...I've set a few of my favorites aside here for those of you girls who would like to "try them on"...And I've also put the "developer name" on each one so in case you feel the need to go and get one like the one I have..or just to see what they may have more towards your taste...So click and enjoy...Thank you all
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