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I\'m not 17, I\'m 14.
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I'm not 17, I'm 14. I was 12 when I joined so I gave a fake age!

Right, a bit about me. As you can tell, I absolutely LOVE Kingdom Hearts. My fave characters are Sora, Roxas and Riku. I adore The Organization too. Somehow, I'm not fond of the girls. My page might have a Namine theme, but I don't actully like her that much. Olette is ok, but I can't stand Kairi. Prahaps because I'm a yaoi fangirl xD

Another thing I love is Naruto. It's awsome, I like Naruto himself best, and I also quite like Sasuke and Shikamaru. I don't like Sakura though, she's annoying. I like Naruto a bit more than KH right now, so I'll be working on my page to make it reflect that ^_^

I like Final Fantasy too. My favorite games are VII and X. I quite like VIII too. I think Riku and Tifa are my fave characters overall. Areth, Rinoa and Yuna all annoy me. Cloud and Squall are cool, but Tidus I don't really like. I quite like FFX-2 but there are some things in it I'm not fond of (singing concerts, DRESSspheres, ect)

So, I'm online quite a lot, but I'm not always free to chat. If you invite me and I decline, it's nothing personal. I'm just often busy and have IMVU running in the backround. If you want to add me, send me a message first.

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PX Pleated Skirt BlackPX Punk Shirt Black-P- Demon Momoko Hair[F]Sakura Shippuuden Haireno skirt
eno top&arms-P- Black BermudasH Leaf HeadBand BlackD* FoxDemon Nin Eyes(F)-P- Black Mesh Sash Top
-P- Silver Mika Base-P- SandDemon Layerable-P- K~Sharingan 2Tone[M]-P- DogNinja Top[F]eno collar
H Shinobi Pouch-P- Brown MikaBase[F]-P- DogNinja Skin[F]H Kunai Right Hand -F-P- Red Astrima Base
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