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Hey Papi
Love is love and you allow me to be myself with no shame toward who I am. I love you Papi...more than you will ever know. Every great man has a wonderful woman behind him. Im here loving every minute being in your presence and hearing all the cute names & telling me you love me. I will be right here with you..loving you, continuing to motivate you & be that supportive. I will walk with you on this journey every step will be led by you. I love you hunn^^.
- Your Widdle Bear
My bbg, Girl our relationship go back so far its dusty ! I love more than anything. I may not always tell you, but I love you more than anything always remember that no matter how far life take us. Mama loves you :* I love you to the edge of the universe and beyond. Always rooting for your win, even if its without me there :D
Sifey, day one we met we was a force that shouldn't be fucked with. Through everything we been through girl I can not imagine anything with you. I love everything you are and have you have my back everytime thick and thin. Never forget I been your RoD and always going to be beyond IMVU girl we have a undying connection we always pick up where we left off.
You are more than I can ask for right now! A listening ear, shoulder to cry on ,but also a reset when I know I'm out of line. Thank you. Nothing more I could ask for. Love you the edge of the universe and beyond :D
Girl, where did you drop from? Oh yeah in my lap at the Erudite Society meeting lol. Anyways we have hit it off instantly since we met you my Roddie and you have been nothing be good vibes real talks and we just been uplifting each other since. I'm glad I met you because I KNOW we were meant to meet. I got your back and you got mine.
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