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Avatar since: 2006-05-12
Age: 32
United States - TX
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"Rising from the ashes born again anew."

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It has been a while since I last stepped forth in this page and logged in as JustAnotherMan. I apologize for those of you who have felt ignored or neglected while I took my hiatus and ventured far from this domain. I hope you have it in your heart to forgive me for my long absence. I know I had written on the bottom of the website how I had returned and would require time to readjust. I ask you for that same time seeing how I still have not properly adjusted.

The Creator:
I am Just Another Man, a mystic and a scholar. I traverse the planet in search of answers. I hold lofty dreams, ideals, and aspirations for the future. Finally, now that I have been mostly free of the baggage of the past, I have grown and become renewed by my break. In that time I have learned a great deal about the people around me and myself most importantly. I strive to transcend beyond human expectations and seek something more universally fundamental, the truth. I envision a world which I can share myself with the people around me and help serve justice to those who are imperiled by the blight of corruption, greed, and unrest. I still seek to find my purpose and place on this planet whilst uncovering hidden truths veiled by the darkness. If I seem strange it is because I think and feel differently than most around me. My take on the world is a very spiritual one but also one that integrates logic and science. I am a thinker and a believer. I envision the future and ideals of a better world and will do whatever I can to make it possible.


I'm full of ideas, little and small. I usually get these ideas from Dreams and things I pick up around me. The designs and feel are similar to the background image. I can't develop any new meshes nor do anything skin-related very well but anything inorganic I can do. I would say please hold on the submission of ideas. I, unfortunately, am still trying to readjust to IMVU. I have not yet quite understood its capacities. Developing these ideas into actual products now will take some time. In the future, when I am more comfortable, please do not hesitate to inform me of these said ideas. Please note though I cannot all ways fulfill requests so if I forget Please Remind Me should I forget.


Usually I am quiet and do not say much, especially to strangers. Do not get offended if I am not talkative; sometimes I don't know what to say to people. I usually am civil on a normal days but my mood fluctuates. Sometimes I may be more talkative and other days I may not have anything to say at all. I am generally a conserved individual and do not say much to people unless I feel like it. Also, should you have nothing worthwhile to say for a while, I may leave without saying anything. If you come to talk to me, speak, otherwise I have no reason to stay.


If you comment on my page, I will most likely than not return it unless I can't exactly respond to it for one reason or another.

Random Fact:

  • Supernovas are large, powerful, and extremely brilliant explosions of massive stars that emit more energy than what our sun could emit in its lifetime. The rate of this explosion is said to be 1/10th the speed of light [30,000km] and effectively spans out in the form of shockwaves. It is due to the nucleic fusion process within these explosions that have allowd the transmission of heavier elements to younger star systems. Most of our heavier elements actually came from a supernova when earth was still in its early stages; however, should one explode within a 3300 lightyear vicinity, it could very well effect Earth by depleting the ozone with its cosmic and gamma waves. This is the proposed cause of death for 60% of marine life during the Ordovician period.

    A Couple of Things...

  • Please do not ask me for my "A/S/L". I'm tired of posting it repeatedly for people. Read it on here; this is why I created a profile and provided the information to be seen. If you ask me this question I will leave.
  • Please stop asking me to be your "boyfriend" if you are a minor (17 or younger) or some place far far away; I am not interested in engaging myself in a pedophile relationship with minors nor do I have any interest in people half-across the world.
  • Please do not ask me for credits or for me to buy you something; any and all requests of gifts shall be ignored. The idea of giving one a present is out of one's sincerity and NOT obligation. I don't care if it is your birthday or not; I don't know you therefor the answer will be no.

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