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in god we trust in furs we don't
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Colombia Te Amo

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First Meta Exchange

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OMFG! Schnuffel's sweet AVI pics!

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Planet Wabberta

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Baby Libby's Group

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Elli and Friends

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Rabbit fans

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What's your mood?

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IMVU Kids Official Group

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friends of imvu unites

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Child SkinAmazing Child RoomDevil WingsDevil Horns*h*Red-Devil*Tail*
spiked white hair{KUNO}cool*SchoolPants3School BoySmall feet Male/FemaleLayer. Gold Skirt
☯Silk-Panties☯Red EyesRat Tail Avi M/F(Fe) Pink Tail(A)Mouse Ears - Any Skin
Kaiya Cotton Candy [M][sp] Pink Cool ShortRodent Head *M*SJ  Skull shirtcooll pants
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