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Customs: Closed Due To Schedule Conflicts
Slot #1: Matching Custom Order to Kumohime and her Boyfriend. [PAID]
Slot #2: Custom Fur of fursonas for Kumohime and her Boyfriend. [PAID]

Art: Closed Due To Schedule Conflicts
Slot #1: Couple's Art Piece for Kumohime and her Boyfriend. [PAID]

Pokémon Furs (Not to copy anyone or infringe rights)

Surprise Giveaways: Random Selection

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Hey there, I'm Juliee. I am really not all that complicated once you get to know me. First things first, I am a Furry and a PRO Furry Developer. I have taken over 5 years to get where I am and I am proud to say that I have greatly improved my skills with each fur I make. I would also like to thank my best friend and dev partner, AnEpicHobo for helping me get to where I am today. I couldn't have possibly done this much without him. I am also bisexual and fully support LGBT so don't be afraid to show your true self to me, I don't judge anyone. I am fun loving, carefree, and have a small obsession with cats and anything related to them. I am a college graduate with my Associates Degree and a GPA of 3.4, yes .1 away from honors, I know.. it sucks. I am majoring in Criminal Psychology so don't be surprised if I call you out on your bullshit more than anyone else does. I may be super nice but I also have a mega alpha bitch side that people should try to stay away from. It's not very easy to offend me but god help you if you do. I have taken over 5 years of Spanish classes however without practice I am beginning to forget much of it. I am a proud Mommy of a super adorable and amazingly smart little boy. He is my life and the air I breathe. I would kill for him so needless to say, don't poke the Momma Bear in me. ♥Eli-5/11/2016♥
That's pretty much the basics, if you want to know more about me, stop by one of my rooms for a chat!! I'm really not that scary nor do I bite...too hard! ;)

My son, my one and only truly unconditional IMVU love. This boy makes my heart remember what it's like to laugh during sad times. Crazy, goofy, and highly inappropriate but that's all the more reasons to love this fur ball. Thank you for asking me to be your mother so many years ago. I love you like family and adore you just as much. Never stop being who you are!!

My best friend and cherished Dev-Partner. I would not be on IMVU today if it weren't for you coming to my rescue. My Hiro!! I snapped on you that day because of my pride but I was wrong and I owe you so very much more than I have already given you. We have a past that I will never forget and you will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for being your own special wacky, fun, creative, self. And yes I got you into furrys, so you can never stop creating them!! Mwahaha! Much Love ♥

This woman right here is absolutely insane. I wouldn't want her any other way! I love her like crazy, my own very special best friend. There through my good and bad times, and always been a true friend. Thank you for everything.

Fade, Fade, Fade. You are truly someone I could never forget. We have a past longer than anyone could ever fathom. No matter what happens between us, we always come back together. I am stuck with you and you with me. I must say, I wouldn't pick anyone else to be stuck with like that. I will always be your light, even when you wish I wasn't. Thank you for all that you are and all that you have done. xoxo

Robbie, our past is good and bad. No matter what happens between us you will always be my number one best guy friend. Through thick and thin we have been at each other's sides and I couldn't ask for better. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Never change, no matter what. xoxo

Ahh yes, my Kitteh Kat. Such a true sweetheart. This woman is dear to me in more ways than I can list. I will always have her back no matter what she gets into. Love you girl! xoxo

This man right here. What could I possibly say about him? He is such a sweet heart, completely adorable, and one of my greatest, oldest, best guy friends. Never change who you are! xoxo

KareemyBear, he is one of the koolest, awesomest people you could ever meet. I am more than proud to say he is a dear friend. We have an awesome past, and I could never forget him. xoxo

Katie, though our past was rough. I am proud to call you a friend today. May we run around screaming BlowJob at random people before hitting them in the head with frying pans, forever!! I love you girl, never change. xo

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I will be hoping on and off between Hiatus breaks.

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