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Avatar since: 2007-07-31
Age: 40
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"I am who I am... if you don't like me.. I don't fucking care ;)"

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More about me:
Yes, I'm married and I still talk on IMVU. Flirting a bit is allowed, for me ;) (if for you it's a problem talking with a married man, then don't talk to me).
My wife doesn't know that I chat on IMVU, so if I disappear from the chat, probably she is back home and I had to close IMVU (or I simply had problems with my wireless).
I like to have fun, so maybe sometimes u may feel offended by me. Probably I didn't do it on purpose, so tell me when u feel offended. If I did it on purpose, u will know it :P

I think that buddies can be compared as friends, so I don't add random people to my buddies. If u want to add me (I often wonder why someone would want to add me ...), please invite me for a chat first, or send me a message so that we can chat.
I like to have people that I talk to, in my buddy list; if some buddy doesn't invite me from time to time and/or doesn't answer to my invites/messages, I take him/her off my buddy list.
Don't ask to add if u are not planning to invite me from time to time!

DON'T BEG!!!!!!!

I don't like rude/impolite people. Leaving a chat without saying bye is really rude (unless crash or emergencies, but let me know). I expect to have a conversation in a chat, not a monologue. If you invite, please TALK!!!
I hate SLOW CHATS. If u are busy we can talk some other time.
I like to have fun in chats. Sometimes it's nice to talk about serious topics, but not too often. :P

Relationship Status: Divorced
Looking For: Friendship
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