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Hello and welcome to my page You can me Nadi I trust the universe,and all that reside it That being said i also trust myself. my tongue can be sharp at times,or smooth as milk. Your actions ,will determine my reactions. Have no interest in childish people,so leave your drama outside of my home page.

Born a jersey girl, presently residing in Texas. For two places that seem different, they have pros. Been on imvu for about 11 years, with this account be one of my youngest. Enjoying creating, even if it may not be the best at times, Watched myself evolve through the years and won't ever stop. Anything and everything can be learned .A sweet person that won't put up with bulshit, drama or anyone who is faker than their avi.Truth love and honesty are words I live by and mean. Throughout life, I tried to right the wrongs many have done, but it is not my place. There is a time in one's life, when you must let karma deal with things.A freak in the bed that loves rock and roll, among other types of music.like so many things,i probably would confuse you, probably best to ask me.life too me is a buffet, why limit yourself, when there is so much to enjoy, you just need not to become greedy.in a relationship at this moment.Am not interest in flirtatious games, If you want to be friends, that is fine.


He is my giant teddy bear
many new products coming,look out for updates.
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