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Avatar since: 2006-09-15
Age: 28
United States - FL
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"Hey you.."

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The Basics.
My name is Jessica. Yes, my name is Jessica for those idiots that ask my name, it's like, did you even read my screen name?
My birthday is April 10th.
My friends kick ass and I don't know where I would be without them.
I think there's always room for more friends. As long as you're not boring. :]
I Like.
Meeting new people.
My friends.
My lips and hair.
I Dislike.
My life.
Rude people.
Drama starters.
People who don't like me for no reason.
Stuff like that.
Back stabbers.
People that can't forgive and forget.
People with no taste in music.
Contact Me
Push my buttons. ;] ♥
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My Recent Visitors (0)
Hey guys, thanks for visiting, leave me a message or
whatever and maybe we can chat sometime. ♥
My Wish List
So, if anyone got me any of this,
I would love yew forever.
Thanks loves! :]
{K} White Layered MiniPanic Pumps[MK] Guns Racerback PinkRawr dinosur in luv!!![t] Dancing panda
[MK] Heart Grey JeansInnocence - DarkBileHeart hangerWhite/Black LayerablesPretty TieUp Pumps-Black
Innocence - ViolinPink BowMilk-black w/ lip ringspacerspacer
Special Someone
Jessica04101 has no special someone.
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