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Image from Gyazo __________ I am shy and sweet. I can be quiet or talk to those who I feel comfortable around/like being around. I love it when people are caring, loving, and show respect. I love hugs, bear hugs, tackle hugs, huggles, cuddles, and snuggles.
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Bf in real: I love you Tony forever and always <3 Mine <3 Together since 9-11-2015 __________ Sara: Saracakes and Jennycakes *Squishes hers and then does the cartoon dance together* Friends since 2010 __________ Peter Leprechauns!!!! >:D Taco Taco!!! Friends since May 2014? __________ Eric aka Mr Buttnugget. *gives noogys and bear hugs* >:P Friend/family since 2010 __________ Teddybear Family Mommy Pixie Says Here Kitty Kitty Friend/Family since 2010 or 2011 Step dad MrRebelPixieVegas __________ Cullen Family May 11th, 2020 Mommy HannahRoseCullen "ooo Purple!!" *giggles* Daddy JBRoseCullenHHBH *hides daddy's cigs* *dances with mom and dad, smiles* __________ Was a pet Kitty *sits there and noms on my leash, while pawing at my ear* *purrs lots from pet pets, huggled, and snuggled* *squishes tightly* ^-^ .................. *chews on collar while sitting in the corner, removes it and throws it on the floor* *hugs my tail tightly and buries my face in the fur*
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