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Special Someone
JenniferPaws has no special someone.

She's my real life sister.

Even thought she's a pain in the butt,

I still love her, deep down. =]

I love her very much aswell. She's my bessie forever, and she's the loser to this dork.!

You should all meet her and her random, panda-loving personality!

Love you Tackie!

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Be Thoughtful Today...Be In My Heart Tomorrow :D
Ello! Call me Jennifer, or any other crazy/wacky non-mean nickname that you can come up with. ^_^ I'll honestly tell you, that I'm not all the other common people out there! I can be random, annoying and retarded at some times, but that's just me. I love all kinds of crazy stuff like ... Ron Weasley [Harry Potter] Ben Harrison..Jacob; [Naturally Sadie], all kinds of animals, skateboarding, etc. Sorry but I hate all those, who criticize on punks, emos, or goths. I honestly adore them all. xDD No I won't call myself them, but that won't stop me from being there fans ... even though some may be strangers. {'.'} Anywayss I have to admit I am a normal person when it comes to love and school. Speaking the truth I only went out with one guy, and since that really didn't work out well ... I'm trying my best to move on. Online-dating is kind-of weird. Sorry to those I offended but what's the point of dating someone you barley know ... even if you do, it's kind of wack if you never saw them in person. {-_-} Skipping to school ... well it's a bore! I hate school, but at times it can be awesome. I'm in grade eight, and my age is completely wrong. I'm actually 13 years old. Moving on I love Metro Sation, Jonas Brothers, Dbsk, Se7en, Nicholas Teo, Cyndi Wang, Fader Drive, The Veronicas, Skye Sweetnam, Tokio Hotel etc. So i'm like a loser that in the mix of all kinds of songs. Anywayz back to Imvu, please don't add me because the guest from my name is removed, beside that I'll take any buddy request!
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