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🎶Ava Max - Into Your Arms🎶
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship
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In all the years I have known D, She is the most loving caring person I know, D always Tell's you how it is, She has stood by me threw all my life changes whether they be good or bad. I am not the easiest person to get along with either especially in my moments of negativity. I am Blessed to have you D in my life. The day God put us together he knew what he was doing. You D are my Best friend, confidant, Sister by Heart. Your one in a million of stars, Your my Sissy. Love you to the moon and back again
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:ma: MAYA BED SIDESunset With Rossie Dec..♥ Perfect Top! Blue♥ Perfect Heels! Blue♥ Perfect Jeans! RL
♥ Amea Skirt! RL♥ Amea! Top♥ Amea! Gold Heels♥ Amea! G Necklace♥ Flowy Shorts! M
♥ Black Top!♥ Black Heels!Simple Perfection!Perfect Heels![Anry] Faythe DvL
Swanky Rose BundleDiamond HeelsMilky Way Bundle[S]Gold&PurpleGlowHearts[S]Plant on Stand
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