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Welcome to my page, you silly stalker, you.

Feel free to click around on the tabs.. and hang out for as long as you can stand the smell.
Just please be careful. I often forget to feed the animals.

Thank you, if you happen to grab my badges or banner and display them. Your support is always appreciated. ^.^

Some things you might wanna know..

I'm a very irritable, opinionated person. I'm overwhelmed and frustrated the majority of each day. No, this can't be helped.. I am autistic. I love coffee and loathe religion. I have no sexual preferences and do not claim to have gender. I do not believe that gender, sexuality, or race make up any part of our style or personality. On the other hand, I really hate the younger crowds who ramble on and on about gender and sexuality as if it's the only thing that matters. You guys aren't teaching anybody anything and you're making shit more complicated than it has to be. Also, I finally got around to checking my privilege and according to BuzzFeed, it's 17... So now that that's out of the way.. I'm also a Libertarian and Egalitarian.

I also happen to have another little account just for meshing.

My best friend.. the other half of me.. the best part of me.. I love you.. I always will.

Mine. I love you.

Frequently asked questions..

Why do you make everything in male and female?
Because I do not believe that clothes pertain to gender. If you like, it wear it.

Do you take requests?
No. I do not. They make me anxious and I've always got ideas of my own to work on.

Why do you not wear your own outfits?
I like the style. It's what I'm drawn to. It is attractive to me. Not necessarily what I personally like to wear.

What do you have against religion?
I believe firmly in equality. Religion is against that.

Can we chat sometime?
I sometimes am in a public room.. usually my own. I'm very distant and withdrawn, often sarcastic when I do speak. I take everything you say literally. I require a lot of patience. I offer very little. My sense of humor is odd. I value my personal space... a lot. I don't like doing private chats. If you can understand and respect these things.. Then yes, I would like to chat with you. Just please understand that becoming an actual friend of mine takes a lot and therefore I don't instantly latch on to people or act overly friendly. It's nothing personal and does not mean that I don't like you. It simply takes time. A lot of time.

Will you buy me something off my wishlist?

Will you date my avatar?
Probably not.

Will you be my daddy?
You're stupid.








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