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Hey there thanx for dropping by hope you enjoy your visit. If you care to know anything about me my name is Jase as most people call me, im 27 from Texas, I tend to be a compassionate person. I enjoy meeting people making new friends. I also enjoy writing, music whether it listening or playing an instrument, art, dancing, traveling. But in all perspectives im an all around open minded person that has been through alot in my life. So if you care to know about me and my life feel free to hit me up sometime or visit one of my rooms. God Bless...........................................................................................
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Life is one of those things that people should cherish with all their heart. So many things that make up this world but only one thing I look for and that's to be wanted and loved from the heart. People can be so mean and hurtful and not mean it on purpose but there are those who that is their soul purpose. I don't understand how people enjoy making other miserable and hurt when they don't do anything wrong toward them. So many people lose hope that they are meant for something, whether its to be a friend, a mentor, a friendly stranger, or a seeker of love. For myself with having nobody and being alone, my most cherished hope and dream is to find someone that will love me, to want me, to care for me an make me feel like my life is worth something. Someone to make my dreams come true, someone to be my best friend, to be my lover and comfort me wen i'm down, to laugh with me, I want to be wanted for me and I want to want them the same and make them happy. I don't know how much faith I have in this world anymore but I've always said God put us here for a reason and everyone had someone special out there, why dose it have to be so hard to treat everyone equal and somewhat special in a unique way. I pray that people will one day find and feel the compassion I feel and look for and put differences aside and gather and grow on trust so that we all can know each other from the heart and not from lies

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