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Welcome to My Homepage....You can take a look around and grab my badge below. I Hope you enjoy your stay :)...See You Around.

Hello guys, Im kev also known as shun i am down to earth guys. I love the friends i have made on here, even if i leave imvu they will always remain in my heart. Hmm what am i here for? Basically what everyone is here for to meet new people and learn new things and how to do things you never knew you could do. I want to give thanks few people and i am soryr if i do not have you up here....my daughter cre and darla, also my grand daughters and sons ; Bre, moni, chyna, karl, Jr, Dope, char. my bro Toni, my sister britty, friends like: Desi, hench, adam, and way many others. I want to say thank you all for sticking with your boy, i really appreciate it. Now lets do what we came here to do. Have fun.

Pending at the Moment .
Welcome to my page. Love to all my fam, friends, and haters. Well you seen what you came to see... what you waiting for? GET OUT!!
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