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About Me

My birthday is 12/13 - (Never ask a women there age)
I live in Eastern side of the USA.
Love ALL sorts of music (NKOTB, Marc Anthony, Rkelly, Pink, Snoop, Motown, Estelle, Neyo, and more!)
Music in the one thing that touchs my soul!
My weekness is Strawberries & White Chocolate!
I Collect things like: CPk's, Disney, Kitchen fairies etc.
Hobbies: Gaming, Webpages, Computers, Graphics etc.
I can be shy but when you know me I can't stop talking
My family are my world and so is my friends
IF you want to know more Just Ask ;D

Music Binds Everyones Heart
My Closet ones are Family to me!

That is for me to know and you to find out! Privacy is a wonderful thing!
Love is like a butterfly! Turns into something wonderful!
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