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Enjoy the stay, just remember a few rules.

1- Do not send me messages asking for gifts. You will be fucking denied.

2- Please do not send me a message asking me to introduce you to my friends. Man up and do it your fucking self.

3- Do not bring your drama here. Seriously, this isn't a fucking soap opera.

Thanks, Cas.♥

Okay so you've clicked the about for a reason so here we go.

I spend most of my free time on here conversing with my friends and doing DP's on the side (I mean if you're interested lemme know *wink wonk*).

If I'm not on and you cannot contact me, tough shit. But I am a very nice person once you get to know me so just don't piss me off.

Anyways enough blabbering, talk to you fuckers soon.

Good lord where do I start?

I love my IMVU family so much, they mean the world to me. Whenever I'm down they know how to pick me up. I love them so much. They'rethe best a never fail to impress me, to be honest, I am hard to impress. That is what makes them special.

I can't forget my number one, Kon. She's my ride or die. My number one bitch, my everything. I love her so much. I wouldn't have anyone else by my side. She the Anastasia to my Mr. Grey. Basically, she's the fucking best.

Greatest person I have ever met on IMVU. This girl has been through the ups and the downs with me, keeping my head held up high. As well as keeping my pride strong and free, I wouldn't want anyone else by my side. ~Cass♥

My shop is currently under construction but products will be coming out soon, just check it out!

Only support I need is child support.

Oh and life support for Daddy Grey. He gets me weak.

I'm currently taking requests for any DPs that are wanting done. Prices start at 3k and up.

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