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I'm just here for the sake of it
People are too difficult to deal with
never sure what to make of others on here
Hard to tell if their meaning anything sincere or just trolling

many just appear out for a little lime light
15 seconds of fame
Time is up, not interested in spotlights
I enjoy all kinds of writing, movies, art, and yes, playing with the dolls (avatars)
Offline is off limits, don't ask to meet up
There's a good chance I probably won't be interested.
I'm not caring whose behind an avatar, takes things in stride
Meaning my attitude is based off of how you treat me.
My personality and attitude are two different things
One is who I actually am, the other depends on you.
If you enjoy creative writing, then we have something in common.
If you want to write with me send a dm, can arrange it
If it's not something I'm interested in doing
Please respect my decisions.
online I tend to stick to myself or to a few close friends
Has major trust issues
People don't show any respect for others online

certainly don't know how to make an approach too

If curious talk to me, it's the easiest way to find out more

Keep in mind, internet safety
I'm not likely going to give out private information
when to a public room

With how people don't respect each other
I'm not likely to give out private information at all
Since all sense of privacy gets striped online regardless.
thanks for stopping by

"You can ask if you want, shouldn't matter who is friends with"

..."Those offline I love, my son mainly, and Nikki. Online it's debatable"
"There are a few so far who I'm loyal to"
"You know who you are"
As in when they summon I'll come a visiting or replying.
"Chances are you're just here
looking for someone else"

"I'm not a nice person"
"I have and will lie"
"Depending on situation and circumstances"
"I'm not good with expressing 'feelings'
"I'm tough love, but I do try and be kind to people"
"is an acquired taste"
"Don't bother bible thumping"
"it's just covering tracks of attacks against"
"Shouldn't matter if I'm a witch or a bitch"
Neither is your business
"I was given free will, to do with my soul as I will with it."

"Welcome to my homepage, I've a long history as a client of imvu, whose focus has been writing and role playing, and general mischief making. If a writer and interested in setting up a play date, dm's are open. If looking to be involved in long term story lines, and group is loyal to click on the banner below"


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