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**disclaimer: Short bio, does not include cantrips & attributes. It's merely to give an idea what type of character is being played by myself.

- General Information -

Birth Name/Given/Surname: Daiyu Ironheart
Alias/Nickname: Mysterium, Myst, or Dai
Gender: female
Species: inanimae of Vitis ('the crimson pearl flower')
Date of Birth/Created: During the Mysts Volcanic cataclysm

- General (Seeming/The Husk) Information -

(seeming form/body shaped)
20years (two decades)
Place of Birth: The Mysts
Height: 5'4
Hair: Stereotypical blonde
Eye: Changeling Green
Nationality: Seeming/Husk is influenced by the humanity Daiyu first encountered. Having made encounters with the Greek, Roman, and Norse cultures first. The Kubera's husk has taken on the semblance of a mortal woman, belonging of mixed cultural influences.

(Keep in mind, the Kubera Daiyu is really none of the listed; being Inanima the gladeling only is 'seeming human'.)

Blood Type: Ichor / It's amber and sticky similar to sap. Oozes slowly ~similar to spiking trees. Rumors claim it could be deadly to mortals. Might be a possible toxin.

Eccentric qualities: Daiyu's seeming form has vines that live and grow uparound her( right arm.) These vines even flower with the seasons, and when pollinated, bear fruits, that create seed.
Concept: Maenad Court: Gladeling - Birthrights & Frailties -


Fertile Minds: Kuberas are able to increase the fertility or productivity of any enterprise, whether childbearing, farming or stock market dividends, as long as they themselves are not the primary beneficiary of the enterprise. The extent of this power, which can turn even a minimal starting stake into a comfortable fortune, or turn a marginal plot of land into a lush garden, lead other fae to believe that the green spirit of money itself is a child of the kuberas.

Everything they touch turns to gold, sometimes literally: seeds, lottery tickets, bank accounts, raw food, soil, or generative organs.

The exact effect of this birth right are in the hands of the Storytellers and they can feel free to exact a Glamour cost for certain effects.

The Glow: Because Kuberas have devoted so much of their lives to getting what they want without inhibition, they tend to possess a warm aura of indulgence satisfied, something like the pampered look of contentment shared by movie stars, exotic supermodels and millionaires. On an unconscious level, this aura signifies pleasure and good times to everyone who notices the kubera, rendering the onlooker open to seduction.

Unfortunately, the Glow also makes it difficult for kuberas to drop out of the spot light, as crowds wonder if they’re seen the mysterious stranger somewhere before.
The Kubera gains +2 situations involving any kind of social activity.


Numbers and counting fascinate and slightly mystify kuberas. When presented with something countable (cars in a parking lot, beans in a jar, leaves on a tree, squares in a sidewalk) and nothing better to do, they will happily occupy their time counting. This fascination grows worse the longer a kubera is in the meat world-

--Childling are almost entirely immune to the counting-urge but grumps are dangerously susceptible. For this reason, older kubera often employ at least one enchanted accountant to keep careful count of everything in their territories. When the counting-urge strikes, the kubera simply asks the accountant, who provides the tally and puts the urge to rest.

Jeu/ Seeming: Wilder

PHYLA: Empire of Seeds (Kuberas): Vegetable life. The watchers and healers of the Inanimae; these are the plant-bound fae responsible for legends of dryads, and the like.

Kuberas (KOO-beh-rahs): These are the dryads, linked to trees, plants, or things made of wood. The kuberas are, perhaps, the most passionate of the Sessile fae, and known to pursue and indulge in a variety of mortal pleasures. Kuberas have powers linked to fertility, they are able to increase the productivity of any enterprise or activity so long as they are not the primary benefactors of it. They also have an invisible aura about them, or "glow" which makes social interaction easier for them. They are compulsive counters though, and having nothing better to do, will spend their time counting whatever is at hand. Their Sliver is Verdage, which deals with the nurture and control of the natural environment, plant life in particular.

History: Who can say to really know much about her, she comes and goes. No ones ever sure where she's come from or where she vanishes to. For sure she has a background story, she's coming and going to some other place...but where? How, who is she? These are mysteries that are found out in character.

Take the time to get to know me first, if I like you, I'll be doing the same.

I'm not caring whose behind an avatar, takes things in stride

Meaning my attitude is based off of how you treat me.

My personality and attitude are two different things

One is who I actually am, the other depends on you.

If you enjoy creative writing, then we have something in common.

My friends always know who they are, don't you *wink wink nudge nudge*

..."Those offline I love, my son mainly, and Nikki"...
"Online it's debatable"
"There are a few so far who I'm loyal to"
"You know who you are"
"As in when they summon I'll come a visiting or replying."
"The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman's love with no intention of loving her."


"Chances are you're just here
looking for someone else"

"I'm not a nice person"
"I have and will lie"
"Depending on situation and circumstances"
"I'm not good with expressing 'feelings'
"I'm tough love, but I do try and be kind to people"
"is an acquired taste"
"Don't bother bible thumping"
"it's just covering tracks of attacks against"
"Shouldn't matter if I'm a witch or a bitch"
Neither is your business
"I was given free will, to do with my soul as I will with it."
"I might dress my avatar crazy sometimes"
"But this is only an expression of creativity, an art form, costumes only"
"I am not religious, this means I'm not a devil worshiper too"
"I'm a nature nut"
"I worship nature"
"This beautiful Planet Earth is our mother and our home."

"This sacred Earth is our ark and all the plants and animals that live in it are our fellow passengers."

"That ark is threatened now, as never before in history, by human actions and inactions."

Don't be one of those humans who are inactive, participate in world causes like

#Teamtrees help plant trees across the world! https://teamtrees.org/

"Welcome to my homepage, I've a long history as a client on imvu, whose focus has been writing and role playing. With a dash of general mischief making. If a writer and interested in setting up a play date, dm's are open. If looking to be involved in long term story lines, and the writing group is loyal to click on the Tavern banner below. If just interested in getting to know me personally, you can stalk me into room's I hang out in or at, or send me private messages too."


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