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Hi, all! :) I don't usually write about myself because, well, I never know what to write. Just ask if you wanna know. XD

I have collected most of these links from the forums. If you're
a beginner dev, enter the DOC, or want to purchase credits, you'll want to take a look at some of these, trust me. :P


List of Fraudulent Resellers!

My preferred reseller:

Daily Outfit Contest Help:
The Run- Down
IMVUOutfitsChallenge's HP

Free Credits:
Earn REAL credits for FREE!
Spin Free
Free Credits! FAQs About Credits!

Homepage Coding:
Homepage Coding Corner

Content Creator General Discussion
FAQs and Tutorials for Developing
Texture Developing- a great place to find tutorials and learn new techniques.

imvuDERIVABLES.com - your source for derivable IMVU meshes

Helpful homepages:
KittenKat's Homepage
AnakaTarren's Homepage

Below are links to various sections of my catalog, my banners with codes, and also links to some of my friends' catalogs, who just happen to be some of my favorite devs, so be sure to check them out. :)
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