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United States - NJ
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"~.~..Come and Talk 2 Me..~.~"

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HizSweetNazz has no special someone.

Mii "Gurl".... Mii "Homie"... Mii "RoadDawg"... Mii "Paahdna-n-Crime". What else can I say about you??? Only one word comes to mind.... !*!*BookBag*!*! Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo
You know why you are special to me. Keeping mii gurl laughing and being there for her at times when I can't. That means alot to me and I hope you know that. You're the extended part of our family and luv ya for that. !*Bric' City*! Come visit sometime!! Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo
Don't know you as well as I plan to... but I appreciate the constant shout-outs. And good looking out for mii gurl "LADYD0LLAZ"... really appreciate that. Much luv to ya!!! Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo Xo
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!*!*Attention*!*! Presents Are Definitely Welcomed.... But My **Extensive** WishList Is Mostly An Index Of Items I Wish To Purchase In The Near Future. This Keeps Me From Having To Look Products Up Over & Over When I'm Ready To Purchase Them. **Didn't Want You To Think That I Was A Gluttonous Individual.... LOL!!
Black Freela$ Pink Poof !!Ҟ|Garikiya BlackҞ|Winny BlackB | Shiori Fija
+ hood upBlack Onyx Bettie! Black Silk Isho! Brunette Isho.a Pinup Red Leopard
Pinup Heels LeopardRed.a Moira Jet LeopardRD.a Pinup Leopard/Red.a LUSH Fingerless Peach.a Peach Bangles R
.a Peach Pearl Choker.a Ruby Goddess NecklaceRuby & Diamonds Cuff (L)Ruby & Diamonds Cuff (R)spacer
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FootPrints In Sand FrameFootPrints In Sand PhotoFootPrints In Sand PhotoFootPrints In Sand WallBastile FireWorksBastille
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Tornado Alley

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