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https://www.facebook.com/tammie marie frazierxjennyBicththursonx My wild and reckless BoyToy....and my husband, who taught me how to laugh again, and treats me like I'm special and important. He always finds time for me, no matter how busy his day may be, and always knows how to make me smile. Friends first, then lovers. The best of both is what we now are. Thank you for helping me find my smile, and for keeping it in place on my face...as I fall farther and farther in love with you. Muahs! In our worlds of fantasy, as well as in our day to day life, You are the one who is the other half of my head, my heart, my spirit and my soul. I love You, Baby!
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🎄 Off-Shoulder Crop.E! Band Cap.🎄 Metallic Heels.S/M🎄 Metallic Dress.E!  Fearless.
S/M! Vinyl Plastic.E! Add Check Jacket.S! Set  Flowers.E! T-Shirt Grl♥Pwr.E! Pink Pumps.
RL! Req. Tie Jeans.E! Of Flowers Top.E! Embroidery Details.E! Wood Platform.E! Multi Stripe.
RL! Paperbag.E! Sexy Blouse.RL! Classic Jeans.E! Chains Crop 1.SEXY
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