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Avatar since: 2005-11-14
Age: 28
United States - FL
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"Hello :) Happy Holidays!!"

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Yay!! Go visitors!! You guys rock too =P Plz, leave a message, I'll write back as soon as I read it! ^_^
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Thanks to all who have given me gifts ^_^ I'll remember you forever and ever! <33 And when I get my creds, I'll be sure to give you a present back!! ;)
(A) Pet Kitten[prm] Emo Skull Jeans[prm] Cutie-Pie Silver[Foxi]cat in hat teeArachnia - Shiny Black
Pale Blue_Female Eyescute lil cowYumi Platinum Tiara[Foxi]orenji topBeautiful Secluded Home
[Foxi]emilie legsCocoa Short JacketCerulean Sky Pirate Shipspacerspacer
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