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Hi Names Becca and I sure as hell DO NOT like you :)

She's 5'2 with an attitude

Brandon, Rez, Savannah, Erika, Natasha, Tingz, Samantha, Bri, Pim, Meg. I need more friends, so don't be scared to talk to me, I Swear I'm Nice and I don't Bite.

I remember clearly The day that we met The words that were spoken The emotions left unsaid I remember clearly The excitement that was felt The way you made me smile The way my heart would melt I remember clearly The wonder, the anticipation The way I was alive With joy and pure elation I remember clearly All the ways you made me feel As if it were yesterday 'Cause after all this time I feel that way still. :)

I call myself a friend, The end, The end, Every friend has it's end, It is nearer than you think, For I am the friend who cared too much, And you, Too little, I tried, You cried, Screaming "how could you," I question your intentions, For you think I cared too less, But it was you indeed, For I went on years no sleep, Watching, Waiting, Making sure I would wake up with a best friend, And I cried, When it rang true, The end of you had come too soon, For I was the friend who had lost what I loved, And you were the friend who lost everything,
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