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Salutations, friend.
~~**IMPORTANT: Until I get a new graphics card, I will not be on IMVU. Feel free to leave a message, and I'll get back to you. *huggles* **~~ Never before have I seen so many people with similar interests. IMVU may have its noobs, but mostly the people I see are so sweet. Be sure to add me to your friends list. I'll make sure to chat. =3 Oh, take a looksie at this. I'll be putting more stuff up in the future. This is not affiliated with IMVU, but go ahead and check it out. Some of the shirts will change monthly because I have a small shop and can only put a limited amount of things in there: http://www.cafepress.com/wovstah
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Huggles and kissles to all who visit my page. I'll try IMVUing you some time. ^.^
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Huggles and kissles to my friends. :)
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