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"U is not a word"

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I am back on IMVU, after over a year in hiatus. I'm pretty much developing only things that I want to wear myself right now, but I'll be releasing everything that comes out nice to the public.

If you've had any problems with my stuff while I was away, I will try to solve them, but I'm very out of practice with the IMVU developer's tools. You may be better off reporting it as a bug if something has stopped working.

If you'd like to support my catalog, I would love it if you'd place my banner on your homepage.

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My Roleplaying Persona:
Myra GryphonFyre is almost human, the "almost" being the results of tinkering with Forces Man Was Not Meant To Toy With.

She lives in a library in the middle of nowhere (literally, it's outside of space) and spends much of her time traveling, searching for new books or pieces of lore to add to her vast collection.

Ninety nine percent of the time Myra is a competent sorceress, and she benefits from a slight case of immortality that she can't seem to shake. She's quite friendly to anyone she finds interesting, and enjoys hearing new stories.

You can visit my public RP room here.

Other Stuff
So I haven't submitted any new products lately, what am I doing? Probably working on one of numerous other creative projects I enjoy fiddling with. Here are a few other long-term things I work on:

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Looking For: Chatting
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