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"This pure Mind, the source of everything, shines forever and on all with the brilliance of it's own perfection.
But the people of the world do not awake to it, regarding only that which sees, hears and feels and knows as mind.
Blinded by their own sight, hearing, feeling, and knowing, they do not perceive the spiritual brilliance of the source-substance.
If they would only eliminate all conceptual thought in a flash, that source-substance would manifest itself like the sun ascending through the void and illuminating the whole universe without hindrance or bounds.

Therefore, if you students of the Way seek to progress through seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing, when you are deprived of your perceptions, your way to the Mind will be cut off and you will find nowhere to enter.
Only realize that, though real Mind (Soul) is expressed in these perceptions, it neither forms part of them nor is separate from them.
You should not start reasoning from these perceptions, nor allow them to give rise to conceptual thought; yet nor should you seek the One Mind (One Soul) apart from them or abandon them in your pursuit of the Dharma.
Do not keep them or abandon them nor dwell in them nor cleave to them.

Above, below, and around you, all is spontaneously existing, for there is nowhere which is outside the Buddha-Mind (field of consciousness which is one's Soul).

(From The Zen Teaching of Huang Po)

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